Katherine Casey

Professor of Political Economy

Senior Fellow, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research
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Katherine Casey is a professor of political economy at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Her research explores the interactions between economic and political forces in developing countries, with particular interest in the role of information in enhancing political accountability and the influence of foreign aid on economic development. Her work has appeared in the American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, and Quarterly Journal of Economics, among others. She teaches a course in the MBA program focused on firm strategy vis a vis government in emerging markets.

Academic Appointments

  • Professor, Stanford GSB, 2023–present
  • Associate Professor, Stanford GSB, 2016–23
  • Assistant Professor, Stanford GSB, 2012–16

Awards and Honors

  • The Katherine and David deWilde Faculty Scholar, 2022–23
  • The Katherine and David deWilde Faculty Scholar, 2021–22
  • The Peiros Family Faculty Fellow, Stanford King Center on Global Development, 2020–21
  • Kevin J. O’Donohue Family Faculty Scholar, 2020–21


Journal Articles

Katherine Casey, Rachel Glennerster, Edward Miguel, Maarten Voors
The Economic Journal
May 2023 Vol. 133 Issue 652 Pages 1348–1370
Katherine Casey, Rachel Glennerster, Edward Miguel, Maarten Voors
Review of Economics and Statistics
March 2023 Vol. 105 Issue 2 Pages 311–326
Katherine Casey
The Journal of Politics
Katherine Casey, Abou Bakarr Kamara, Niccolo Meriggi
American Economic Review
May 2021 Vol. 111 Issue 5 Pages 1575-1612
Kelly Bidwell, Katherine Casey, Rachel Glennerster
Journal of Political Economy
August 2020 Vol. 128 Issue 8 Pages 2880-2924
Katherine Casey
Annual Review of Economics
2018 Vol. 10 Pages 139-165
Katherine Casey, Rachel Glennerster
May 13, 2016 Vol. 352 Issue 6287 Pages 766-767
Katherine Casey
American Economic Review
August 2015 Vol. 105 Issue 8 Pages 2410-2448
Katherine Casey, Guido W. Imbens, E. Miguel, C. Camerer, J. Cohen, K.M. Esterling, A. Gerber, R. Glennerster, D.P. Green, D. Laitin, L. Neslon, B.A. Nosek, M. Petersen, R. Sedlmayr, J.P. Simmons, U. Simonsohn, M. Van der Laan
January 3, 2014 Vol. 343 Issue 6166 Pages 30-31
Katherine Casey, Rachel Glennerster, Edward Miguel
Quarterly Journal of Economics
2012 Vol. 127 Issue 4 Pages 1755-1812

Working Papers

Katherine Casey, Rachel Glennerster April 2024

Stanford Case Studies

Katherine Casey, Christy Johnson
Katherine Casey, Kenneth Shotts, Christy Johnson
Katherine Casey, Ken Shotts, Sheila Melvin
Katherine Casey, Ken Shotts, Sheila Melvin
Katherine Casey, Ken Shotts, Sheila Melvin

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