2016 Distinguished Faculty Service Award

Congratulations to Our 2016 Recipient

Excerpts and Highlights From Nominations


The week before I gave an important conference presentation Harikesh met with me every single day to help me prepare for the talk. When I walk out of meetings with him, I always feel motivated & excited to work on new ideas, even if I went into the meeting feeling stuck.

Even short meetings with Harikesh are very productive and valuable. He gives great advice on the high-level research question, but also helps students work through the details of the data and implementation.

Fostering Scholarly Community

Harikesh sets very high expectations for his students, but more importantly he subsequently invests the time to help us succeed. He is very generous with his time and is always focused on providing constructive feedback.  


Harikesh is very dedicated to his students. He does a great job explaining abstract concepts!

Harikesh is generous with both research and career advice, and I find our meetings to be insightful and extremely useful.