2002 Distinguished Faculty Service Award

Congratulations to Our 2002 Recipient

Larissa Tiedens, professor of organizational behavior

Excerpts and Highlights from Nominations

On Fostering a Scholarly Community at the GSB

Lara went out of her way to conceive and organize the first Stanford-Berkeley student conference in the summer of 2000, which gave all of the graduate students a forum to discuss our work in an academic environment, and an opportunity to network with other students outside of Stanford.

I am grateful to Lara for organizing the monthly informal OB gatherings that occurred two years ago. As a doctoral student, the monthly gatherings provided an important opportunity to get to know and learn from faculty who I otherwise would not come into contact with.

Lara holds a research/lab meeting every other week. “Lara Lab” is a place for us graduate students to present our ideas and research at any stage of development; it provides a forum for us to support one another’s diverse research interests.

Lara instigated and established a “buddy system” among the PhD students this year, where the more advanced graduate students are personally responsible for mentoring an incoming PhD, helping to field ongoing questions that he or she might have. These efforts establish a community of helping and sharing in OB; they demonstrate that Lara continues to guide each of us to grow as good peers and teachers ourselves

On Advising and Teaching

She is adept at adjusting the type of mentorship and motivation I need at various stages in my graduate career. I am deeply indebted to Dr. Lara Tiedens. Any success that I may have will be due to her help.

Lara’s compassion and approachability cause students who are not her advisees to seek her out for advice and help, and she has not disappointed any of them.

I found Lara to be an excellent teacher in all respects. She is very knowledgeable about both the literature and methods of her field.

Lara has taught me invaluable lessons about the publication process—how to behave strategically by anticipating and addressing concerns of reviewers while at the same time maintaining the spirit and integrity of the research.

The best testimony to Lara’s leadership as a professor and advisor is that every (micro) PhD student in our program wants to work with her. Lara is the kind of advisor that I (and any graduate student) dream of.

On Collaborating with Awareness

Collaborating with Lara is a joy. She communicates her awareness of my style of learning by providing appropriate and sensitive feedback-being encouraging after even small successes and being honest with critical comments.

She demonstrates awareness of the things that she can provide for me at this stage of her career, addressing how others might be able to support me in other ways because of their seniority.

She is aware of other things that are going on in my research and coursework, helping me set goals that balance course work and research overall, and see my research program as a whole-not just evaluating the projects on which we are collaborating.

Her intellectual contributions to projects and her willingness to truly collaborate, rather than just advise, are unsurpassed in our department.