2018 Distinguished Faculty Service Award

Congratulations to Our 2018 Recipient

Excerpts and Highlights From Nominations

On Advising and Research

“Peter has a reputation for going above and beyond when advising his students…he is helpful and encouraging; I’ve always felt that he truly cares about helping me develop research ideas and figure out the best way to achieve my research goals.”

“…he from time to time reaches out to me to ask about my research progress and offers advice. This is in spite of the fact that I am not his advisee and I work on topics that are very different from his.”

On Fostering a Scholarly Community

“He also helps out students in ways that are beyond his obligation. In the summer quarter of 2017, he developed and offered a seminar on empirical research methods upon students’ request. He prepared the seminar very thoughtfully even though it did not count toward his teaching credit.”

“Peter is passionate about what he teaches, and that makes it fun to learn from him. If you want proof, try stopping him in the hall some time to ask about the Nelder-Mead algorithm.”


“Peter is precise in everything he does and it makes an impact on his students. His lectures have exceptional clarity, and he never glides over any details. He has uniquely exacting demands for transparency in research and expects papers to plainly state their assumptions. Trying to adopt his approach has done more to teach me how to read and write economics papers.”

“Peter’s econometrics class each spring is, by consensus, one of the most well-taught and thought-provoking classes offered at the GSB.”