2020 Distinguished Faculty Service Award

Congratulations to Our 2020 Recipient

Excerpts and Highlights From Nominations

PhD students awarded Arvind Krishnamurthy, the John S. Osterweis Professor of Finance, the PhD Faculty Distinguished Service Award during a virtual ceremony.

Doctoral student Amy Huber said that Krishnamurthy impressed her because he will say “I don’t know” when appropriate, and that this humility shows his competence and integrity. Huber said that what Krishnamurthy really means is “I don’t know yet, but here’s how we could think about it.” As such, he “acknowledges the limit of our knowledge,” and, more importantly, “uses his economic reasoning to help students discover how the world really works.”

Lulu Wang, PhD ’23 and vice president of the PhD student association, described Krishnamurthy as a “compassionate advisor and an engaged speaker” who contributed to his students’ experiences and shared meaningful stories with them. And Jonathan Wallen, PhD ’20, said his professor was an “extraordinary talent and extraordinary for students to learn from.”

Krishnamurthy, in acknowledging the honor from his students, said he was “really touched, very thankful and honored to receive this award.” He said that one of the key reasons he came to Stanford GSB from Northwestern in 2014 was the quality of the GSB’s PhD students. It has been an exceptionally rewarding experience to teach them and guide them along their paths as they become full-fledged scholars, he added.