2013 Distinguished Faculty Service Award

Congratulations to Our 2013 Recipient

Excerpts and Highlights from Nominations

On Teaching

Charles has taught PhD course on market efficiency and MBA courses on investments. I’ve had the good fortune to help him with some of his courses. He devotes lots of time and energy to his courses and holds nothing back from the students. He is meticulous in course preparation. He checks with the me on every course policy or announcement to make sure it is well designed and clear to the students. He spends hours after hours to incorporate the latest data sources and software to enhance the learning experience. He sets aside extra office hours and informal discussion sessions to help the students. So it is not surprising that many PhD students’ research projects were inspired by discussions with him, and many MBA students have built their careers around what Charles teaches.

On Advising and Research

His dedication to the graduate community goes well beyond classroom. Not only has he served as chair or committee member for seven since joining Stanford in 2009, his office door is always open to colleagues, scholars and students. whenever you have a question, he would usually put aside what he is working on and give his full attention to you.

Charles is always excited to discuss research topics with students, and his enthusiasm is infectious. Students leave his office energized and excited to pursue high-quality research. He has often been available to meet me on weekends and holidays to discuss research ideas.

Charles’ enthusiasm for research is infectious, and he is deeply committed to mentoring PhD students. Charles has very high standards and he continuously pushes his PhD students to refine their ideas and their skills of exposition.

On Fostering a Scholarly Community

Charles is very sensitive to the tradeoffs that PhD students often face between personal happiness and professional development, and he makes it a point to check in to ensure that his students are taking care of themselves along both dimensions. He truly cares for his PhD students as if they were his own family members.

He would try his best to help, be it giving an academic advice, or connecting them with a colleague or practitioner, or simply going through a paper with them. Charles would go out of the way to invites students and scholars, especially international students whose families are not here, to his home on festival occasions.


He exceeds all reasonable expectations in investing his time and energy to promote the personal and professional welfare of his students. He has taught me the importance of integrity, passion for one’s work, and maintaining a healthy balance between personal and professional life.

By the time I graduated from Stanford, there was no one, outside of my family, whose opinion mattered more to me than Charles. I can think of no better person to model myself after, both personally and professionally. In Charles, I have found a cherished advisor and lifelong friend.

Charles has had a transformative influence not only on my research career, but also on my life.

Faculty Spotlight
The Moghadam Family Professor and Professor of Accounting

Professor Charles Lee, winner of the 2013 Distinguished Faculty Service Award, discusses strategies for evaluating the true value of stocks, minimizing risk, and making better investment decisions.