2017 Distinguished Faculty Service Award

Congratulations to Our 2017 Recipient

Excerpts and Highlights From Nominations

On Advising and Research

“Adina is one of the most patient, encouraging, and generous faculty I have met. As an adviser, she is willing to take hours to explain some of the most basic questions or concepts as well as guide students on projects outside of her own interests and expertise. In her role organizing both formal and informal seminars in the department, Adina spent time understanding students’ impression of these learning opportunities.”

“Adina has also been active in getting Research Assistants involved in research, and trying to raise issues about gender and race in various parts of the Stanford community…she has been doing all this while being a prolific researcher herself.”

On Fostering a Scholarly Community

“In response to student feedback about wanting to see how faculty actually do research, she encouraged faculty to present their work in progress in seminars, in part through leading by example multiple times. Across the university, Adina has embraced being a role model for students, particularly for women and minorities.”


“In less than two years, Adina has made herself a core part of the OB department, GSB, and Stanford as a whole.”

“If you’ve had any opportunity to work with her, she has been incredibly generous with her time and attention to PhD students.”

“It is telling that she hasn’t yet taught a PhD course, but that so many students in the group have worked with her and benefited from her thoughtfulness.”