2022 Distinguished Faculty Service Award

Congratulations to Our 2022 Recipient

Excerpts and Highlights From Nominations

The PhD Student Association awarded the PhD Faculty Distinguished Service Award to Darrell Duffie, the Adams Distinguished Professor of Management and Professor of Finance. The award, which recognizes exceptional contributions to the intellectual development of the PhD community, was presented June 14.

In nominating Duffie, students praised his commitment to teaching.

“I am always amazed by how much time Darrell makes for me when his outside options are advising the White House, central bank heads, and corporate leaders around the world,” one said.

“His expertise runs wide and deep,” said another student. “The way he just picks a topic and decides to become an expert in it is so inspiring.”

Duffie has been on the GSB faculty since receiving his PhD from Stanford in 1984. His research interests include over-the-counter markets, banking, credit risk, valuation and hedging of derivative securities, financial market infrastructure, financial innovation, and fintech payments.

He is a fellow and member of the Council of the Econometric Society, a research fellow of the National Bureau of Economic Research, and a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Duffie was the 2009 president of the American Finance Association. In 2014, he chaired the Market Participants Group, charged by the Financial Stability Board with recommending reforms to Libor, Euribor, and other interest rate benchmarks.