2012 Distinguished Faculty Service Award

Congratulations to our 2012 Recipient

Excerpts and Highlights from Nominations

On Teaching

Jeremy is a teacher who spends all the time necessary to clarify complex issues and to help the student establish a firm understanding of the underlying principles behind economic problems. His views on classical topics are original and provide an alternative to standard ways of teaching, thus helping the student see more sides to the problem

What is amazing about Jeremy is that he manages to convey a lot of his wisdom through disarmingly self-deprecating lectures filled with simple examples that really isolate the essence of big, famous results.

His teaching qualities are impressive and his distinct style of teaching economics with little examples to be remembered like vignettes is very effective.

On Advising and Research

Jeremy is a devoted adviser who will generously spend his time assisting students. His experience and depth of knowledge assists students in understanding where their research efforts are situated in the field and what the possible contributions could be. He will not hesitate to give you his complete and honest opinions about your research. This helps a student assess his or her efforts better.

Jeremy would offer extremely thoughtful insights on the research projects I was working on, usually exposing to me entirely new angles to look at a model for which I’ve been thinking about

He is a truly invaluable mentor and friend to the students in the program. Jeremy was one of the main reasons that drew me to Stanford GSB and what I remember most gratefully about my time there.

On Fostering a Scholarly Community at Stanford GSB

He has a genuine interest in the student body as a whole — not just in those students who are studying his field or working directly under him

Jeremy really treated the students in the program in a remarkable way. He demonstrated inspiring trust in us professionally: often he was much more certain than we were that we knew what we were doing, and that vote of confidence was important early in graduate school.

Other Gems

Jeremy knows how to make people feel confident about themselves. Jeremy is extremely available, and always happy to talk about absolutely anything with students.

He really cares — as evidenced by the fact that he talks about PhD students to random people in the outside world as if the students were his kids. And that makes the Econ program, and I think Stanford GSB in general, a much better place than it would be without him.

Good-humored and approachable, he will go to great lengths to make sure he is always available to meet students and comfort them at key moments of the process towards earning the degree.

Faculty Spotlight
The Richard A. Stepp Professor of Economics

Economics professor Jeremy Bulow, winner of the 2012 Distinguished Faculty Service Award, is known for offering individual attention. One student wrote that he is “always available and provides advice that demonstrates he truly cares about his students’ best interests.” He’s also known for the quick way his mind works: “He can tell you what 17 cubed is immediately!”