2001 Distinguished Faculty Service Award

Congratulations to Our 2001 Recipient

Excerpts and Highlights from Nominations

On Teaching

  • Supportive environment to present new research
  • 10-minute introductions provide more insight than a few hours of lecture
  • Unique ability to explain important ideas behind advanced theories
  • Students take his course again and again and again

On Advising

  • Greatness of advice reflected in greatness of students
  • Criticisms are always constructive, and amazingly positive
  • Every time you ask him a question, he has an answer
  • Track record as an advisor is unparalleled
  • Enthusiasm for research is contagious

On Fostering a Scholarly Community at the GSB

  • Always enthusiastic about whatever issue is being discussed
  • Leads you to right people and interesting problems whether you are his student or not
  • Students come up with dissertation ideas in his discussions
  • Organizes student-faculty get-togethers

Other Gems

  • Wisest academic I have ever met
  • True visionary with an immense passion for research
  • Not only very approachable but also very encouraging
  • Cut his vacation short to teach a needed PhD class