Raja Moubarak, Seed Coach

Raja Moubarak

Raja Moubarak, Seed Coach

West Africa

Raja Moubarak is an entrepreneur and former international executive who holds a strong conviction that business can be a powerful force to solve social and environmental challenges, particularly in developing economies. His experience includes different roles in multinational companies (including The Coca-Cola Co., B&W/BAT, BOC Group), regional companies, and start-ups. He worked in Europe, Asia, in multiple Middle East and North Africa countries, and in the U.S. across different sectors and industries.

Moubarak has successfully led and managed organizations in difficult and sometimes hostile environments. As an entrepreneur focused on social enterprises, he cofounded Beyt by 2b design, an award-winning company that has gained wide recognition for its business model.

Moubarak’s skills include general management in multicultural environments, strategy, marketing, operations, HR, and organizational development as well as the ability to blend social, environmental, and financial dimensions in a business.

He has also been involved in the nonprofit world, serving in various board roles of a fast-growing NGO that provides health care and education mainly to marginalized Middle Eastern gypsies.

Moubarak received his MBA from New York University Stern School of Business and his BA from the American University of Beirut.