Applying for Joint & Dual Degrees

If you wish to pursue a joint or dual degree, you must specify your interest in the “Application Information” section of the application by selecting the desired joint or dual degree program from a drop-down menu.

Then follow these additional instructions:

Stanford Joint/Dual Degree Additional Instruction
  • JD/MBA
  • MD/MBA
  • MS Computer Science/MBA
  • MS Electrical Engineering/MBA
Use Essay B to support your rationale for the joint or dual degree.
  • MA Education/MBA
  • MS Environment and Resources (E-IPER)/MBA
Upload a personal statement in the “Joint Degree” section.

Specific Application Instructions by Stanford Degree

Study Opportunities Outside Stanford

Interested in a joint or dual degree that’s not listed here? Learn more about degree programs with other schools.

 STEM, Business School, and Beyond
STEM, Business School, and Beyond
Stanford MBA students and alumni discuss how they are combining their business education with their backgrounds in STEM.