Charles P. Bonini Partnership for Diversity (P4D) Fellowship Program

In an increasingly global business environment, diversity has never been more vital. The Charles P. Bonini Partnership for Diversity (P4D) Fellowship Program offers a unique educational and work opportunity focused on supporting that diversity.

If you receive a P4D Fellowship, you’ll complete a 9- to 12-month internship with our corporate partner prior to enrolling at Stanford. During the internship, you’ll receive a competitive pre-MBA salary and benefits. You also will receive a full-tuition grant for your two years at Stanford GSB. The current corporate partner for this program is Eli Lilly and Company.

Who May Apply

If you have a unique cultural, personal, or professional perspective to contribute to our corporate partner and to the Stanford community, we encourage you to apply. Because the goal of the P4D Fellowship is to support students with diverse perspectives, we encourage applications from those whose backgrounds and experience would provide additional dimensions to the P4D Fellowship and Stanford GSB programs. Applicants must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident to be a candidate for the P4D Fellowship.

Applicants applying for deferred admission (for example, college seniors) are eligible for consideration in the year prior to enrollment, and should submit the Fellowship application requirements to the MBA Admissions office at that time. For more information about fellowships and deferred enrollment, please visit Deferred Enrollment.

Selection Process

Once you are admitted to the MBA Program, our corporate partner selects a group of finalists from the P4D applicants. Decisions are based on criteria established by our corporate partner.

Our corporate partner next selects a subset of candidates to interview, and then makes a final decision. Both the corporate partner and the selected candidate (the P4D Fellow) are accorded the right of refusal.

Internship Support

If you are selected as a P4D Fellow, we will work closely with you and the corporate partner to create a meaningful, mutually rewarding experience. We’ll identify an individual at the company who will agree to act as a mentor, taking responsibility for your professional development. Senior business school administrators will remain in contact with the corporate partner’s leadership to monitor the success of your placement.

Application Requirements

To be considered for the P4D Fellowship, you must apply in either Round 1 or Round 2 of the MBA application process. When you do apply, upload your P4D essay and all P4D requirements as one document.

Essay Topic

We firmly believe the educational experience of our students is enriched by the diverse culture of Stanford GSB. The P4D Fellowship is a powerful manifestation of that belief.

Share how your background and experiences will contribute to diversity (broadly defined) at Stanford, and explain how you think your experience as a P4D Fellow will help you to be a better leader.

Suggested length is 500 words (follow the formatting requirements as outlined in the Essay Instructions).

Activities and Interests

Include a list of the activities in which you have been involved, from college to present. For each activity, include:

  • A full description of each activity
  • Length of involvement
  • Position(s) held
  • Number of hours per week dedicated to each activity
Last Updated 14 May 2020