Partners & Families

Broaden the meaning of “Stanford family” by including yours.

Families, significant others, and children are a welcome and integral part of the Stanford GSB community.

The Stanford campus provides an enriching set of cultural, athletic, intellectual, and fun opportunities for MBA partners and families to participate in.

Whether enjoying events in the residential community or exploring the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, the Stanford GSB experience has something for every member of the family.


Student Spotlight

My experience here is definitely stretching me personally and professionally. Professionally, I have gained countless mentors and enthusiasts and feel endlessly supported in both my family business and in my sales career. Personally, I’ve become a much more effective communicator and leader. Tools for negotiation, motivating others, articulating a strategy, and giving and receiving feedback have helped me be a better wife, mom, daughter, and sister!

Last Updated 14 Jun 2020