How to Create a Group

There are two kinds of groups: Official groups, created by and managed by the Stanford GSB Alumni Association and the Stanford Alumni Association, and alumni-created groups.

Stanford GSB Official Groups

Official groups can only be set up by Stanford GSB Alumni Relations staff, and are co-managed by Stanford GSB staff and an assigned alumnus/a or student. Stanford GSB has final approval on the content and programs presented on an official group. For questions or more information about official groups, contact the Alumni Relations online team.

Official groups include regional chapters, class years, diversity interests, professional interests, and more.

Stanford GSB Alumni-Created Groups

These groups, for Stanford GSB alumni and students only, are quick and easy to set up. No pre-approval is needed from Stanford GSB before you set up a group. (If you want to include Stanford alumni from outside the GSB, you will need to set up your group from the Stanford Alumni Association website.)

If an alumni-created group meets your needs, the follow the steps below to create your group.

Discussion vs Group

A discussion is for communication about a single topic, and is often referred to as an email list or a mailing list.

A group supports a more formal community with shared interests or activities, such as a class, a regional chapter, or a lifestyle club. Each group may include a member list, photo galleries, events, and more.

Simply need a discussion board, not a full group?

Email the Alumni Relations online team to set one up.