2021–22 Business School Fund Report

The world needs leaders who can not only provide analytic and strategic approaches to the collective challenges we face, but also embody courage, empathy, and innovation. To this end, the Business School Fund continues to invest in priorities that enhance the Stanford Graduate School of Business community.

Annual and reunion contributions received in the fiscal year that ended August 31, 2022, made the following achievements possible for the school.

2021–22 Highlights

2021-22 Highlights

How Your Gift Supported Business School Fund Priorities

Financial Aid

Flavia Medina da Cunha, MBA '23

Over half of MBA students receive need-based financial aid. Last year, gifts to the Business School Fund helped fill the $3.1 million difference between student need and the endowment income from dedicated fellowship funds.

Students like Flavia Medina da Cunha, MBA 2023, depend on the Business School Fund Fellowship for aid. She wants to become a corporate entrepreneur to implement solutions that foster economic and social progress in Brazil.

Academic Innovation


Your support finances state-of-the-art teaching and learning methods and curricular development, including:

  • Podcases: Audio versions of case studies got high marks from students and offer a new way to learn.
  • Action Learning Platform: Six immersive courses like Designing Experiments for Impact blend the structure of the classroom with organic just-in-time learning that happens on the job.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Your gift furthered efforts to increase representation, build greater inclusion, and ensure we hold ourselves accountable by measuring the results of our efforts. These activities include:

  • Admissions Initiatives: Work to reduce application cost and coaching for students from underrepresented groups has led to greater representation in the MBA program.
  • DEI Curriculum: A new course helps incoming MBA students expand their understanding of identity, bias, and inclusion.

Mental Health


Your support for mental health and wellness programs promotes student satisfaction and improves academic performance. Programs include:

  • Dedicated Counselor: A psychologist with a firsthand knowledge of the unique stressors and challenges of the GSB community provides services, reducing barriers and wait times.
  • Wellness Programs: Students practice healthy habits, helping prepare them to navigate a complex, global, business environment that demands optimal physical and mental performance.


Sustainability Icon

Your gift amplifies our contributions to research, education, and impact in this emerging and urgent issue, including:

  • Climate Conference: One of the largest student-led events, the conference explored the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change and how to contribute to solving the crisis.
  • Influential Research: Faculty research on business issues around climate will accelerate impact and solutions. A recent paper by researchers showed that asking companies to report their carbon footprint is a real incentive for them to cut emissions.