Renewed Energy: Insights for Clean Energy’s Future

Book cover - Renewed Energy: Insights for Clean Energy’s Future

Renewed Energy: Insights for Clean Energy’s Future

By John Weyant, Ernestine Fu, MBA ’16, Justin Bowersock
Kauffman Fellows Press, August 9, 2018

Renewed Energy sheds lights on the recent history of clean energy between the 2009 recession and 2012. What went wrong? What went well? 

Discussions of the history of cleantech frequently focus on what policy initiative was proposed, what energy start-up investment went sideways, or what business deal worked — with each of these conversations and analyses held separately. This book argues that these questions are so interconnected that they should not be examined in isolation. It is time to take a comprehensive look at the three worlds of policy, technology investment, and industry.

Renewed Energy provides critical, first-hand perspectives from the industry’s leading policy makers, technology investors, and industry experts. Behind the cover are experiences from former secretary of energy Steven Chu, former secretary of defense William Perry, European Commission Director of International and Climate Strategy Artur Runge-Metzger, and investors Tom Baruch and Susan Preston, among many others. The insights from these accounts are crucial to moving cleantech forward.

The year 2018 is an especially critical time for clean energy because the current presidential administration has ended the Environmental Protection Agency’s clean power plan, which sought to lower carbon emissions on a state-by-state basis, and decided to exit the Paris Agreement, whereby countries agreed to voluntary limits on future carbon emissions. In light of these events, the energy discussion is vital now more than ever.

Read accounts of the Obama administration’s efforts, venture capital investments in energy companies, and more — all synthesized into lessons that will bring us a cleaner, more powerful future.

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