MBA Class of 1991

What an amazing weekend! Thanks to everyone who attended the 25th reunion. A big thank you to our reunion planning team for making such a great reunion — we look forward to the next one!

25th Reunion Recap

In case you did not attend the reunion or just want to reminisce about the weekend, below are photos, survey results, slide shows, and classbook.

25th Reunion TED Talks
25th Reunion Photos
25th Reunion Fun Survey Results
25th Reunion Class Book
25th Reunion Slide Show

Reunion Planning Committee Members

Dave Alberga
Corinne Augustine
Joyce Chung
Erin Conway
Hope Flammer
Michael Gallagher
Patrick Gordan
David Hale
Lynn Heublein
Paul Levitan
​Vicki Lowdon
​Liddy Manson
Andrew Moley
Rachel Perkel
​Nancy Geisse Pile 
Jamie Schein
Wendy Smith
Lynda Sullivan
Stacey Sultar
Jan Willis