The Addis Clinic

Nashville, TN
Fall-Winter 2021
Project Type
Fast track
Project Focus
Business Plans,
Marketing & Communications
Organization Type
Human Services


Founded in 2011, Addis Clinic delivers telemedicine consultations between healthcare providers across 23 countries, primarily in Africa.  In 2019 it began a national program in Kenya to train 1,000 health workers to use telemedicine to reach more than 1.5 million patients in rural communities.  It reached this goal in 2020 and also piloted two spinoff programs:  refugee healthcare services and healthcare services for girls and women facing gender based violence.


Can Addis Clinic build a sustainable revenue model for its telemedicine services in Kenya?


Through the work above, Addis Clinic has established a relationship with the Kenyan Ministry of Health and many county ministries of health.  Addis Clinic would like to generate revenues from the county ministries of health for its telemedicine services and would need a recommendation from the National Ministry to do so, demonstrating savings to the county governments.

Project Overview

Addis Clinic is requesting ACT’s help to evaluate the viability of an earned income model and, if yes, to outline a pitch book to describe the program, the impact of the services and the value to each county.  The Addis Clinic staff in Kenya will conduct local research/interviews, operating from survey/research direction from the ACT team. 


This is a Fast Track project:

  • Scope: Focused, specific organizational issue
  • Team Size: 3 consultants
  • Project Duration: 3 months
  • Estimated Time Contribution: 25-30 hrs total (per consultant)

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