Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation

Fall-Winter 2020
Project Type
Fast track
Project Focus
Market Analysis,
Marketing & Communications
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The Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation (AARBF) is a $1+ million agency, whose mission is to significantly reduce the number of burn injuries through prevention education and to enhance the quality of life for those who have been affected by burn injuries in California. AARBF serves survivors of all ages, beginning with in hospital support, burn support groups, and a school re-entry program. It provides ongoing support through annual therapeutic camps, retreats, and gatherings. In addition, AARBF teaches burn prevention in elementary schools using life-saving curricula taught by active firefighters. To date, the organization has helped thousands of burn survivors recover from their physical and emotional injuries.


With an eye to optimizing the organization’s 50th Anniversary in 2021, AARBF is looking for a way to raise its profile throughout California. The organization would like to increase its fundraising efforts, the number of people it reaches through its prevention message, and awareness of the value AARBF brings to Californians each and every day.

Project Objectives

AARBF will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of its founding in 2021.  For both this celebration and to address the general need for a marketing plan update, AARBF management requested that ACT suggest some new/upgraded approaches to marketing for both general public awareness and increased development.

Project Overview

With the help of the ACT ED, the team included a new Business School graduate who was conversant with many of the current approaches to marketing.  The team developed and presented several options to present to AARBF, four of which were selected for further development.  Additional adjustments were made by the team and presented to the client.

Key Recommendations

The following recommendations were presented and accepted by AARBF:

  1. Better use of Web site to attract attention (SEM, SEO, KPI’s, design)
  2. Use of a Video ‘dance’ to emphasize Stop, Drop & Roll concept (contest?)
  3. Development of an Identity Logo (“Burn-Fighter”) to capture attention
  4. Use of news coverage of wildfires to gain publicity
  5. Four other suggestions to be considered for the future

Key Conclusions

There are several opportunities for drawing increased attention to AARBF, many of which fit within the time frame of the AARBF fiftieth anniversary celebration.  (Client eagerly endorsed, started action)

Final Report Outline

Provided recommendations on:

  • Who do we talk to?
  • What do we tell them?
  • Where do we talk to them?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Proposed schedule?