Quantum Leap Healthcare Collaborative

San Francisco, CA
Spring-Summer 2021
Project Type
Full team
Project Focus
Business Plans,
Market Analysis
Organization Type


Quantum Leap’s mission is to integrate high-impact research with clinical processes and systems technology, resulting in improved data management and information systems, greater access to clinical trial matching and sponsorship, and greater benefit to providers, patients and researchers. The organization’s goal is to improve and save lives. 

BreastCancerTrials.org is one of Quantum Leap’s core programs. It was launched in 2008 as a nonprofit, patient-friendly clinical trial matching service designed to empower all people with breast cancer to learn about and find clinical trials right for them by matching patients to the most relevant breast cancer clinical trials. CTMatch is the backend trial matching platform that powers BreastCancerTrials.org. The mission of CTMatch is to expand personalized trial matching to all cancers and diseases to support clinical trial participation for all patients. 


What are options for Quantum Leap Healthcare Collaborative to generate revenue from their clinical trial matching platform?


CTMatch has developed best-in-class technology for matching patients to clinical trials and is looking to evaluate business models that might be employed for this technology. For example, CTMatch currently powers BreastCancerTrials.org, and there is potential to license the CTMatch platform to power clinical matching programs for other cancers and diseases. CTMatch provides several benefits to customers: 1. It does not sell patient data and makes unbiased clinical trial recommendations, and is the only nonprofit trial matching service; 2. Its algorithm was developed by research professionals in collaboration with clinicians and patient advocates over many years; 3. It’s compatible with the most up-to-date data standards being used by healthcare systems; and 4. Its configurable architecture supports patient and trial information from multiple sources and applications for websites and mobile devices.

Project Objectives

Quantum Leap would like an ACT team to develop business model options for CTMatch that fits within its organizational values (e.g., no monetization of patient data) and enables it to be economically self-sustaining. This work will require understanding CTMatch’s unique selling points within the competitive landscape, identifying promising market opportunities, considering go-to-market requirements, and projecting the investment, revenue and risks of pursuing these opportunities.  


This is a Full Team project:

  • Scope: High-priority organizational challenge involving strategy or management
  • Team Size: 5-6 consultants, including 1-2 project leaders
  • Project Duration: 5-6 months
  • Estimated time Contribution: Team member: 3-4 hrs/week, Project leader: 5-6 hrs/week

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