Ravenswood Family Health Center

Fall-Winter 2004
Project Type
Full team
Project Focus
Earned Income
Organization Type


Ravenswood Family Health Center (RFHC), located in East Palo Alto, is a federally funded community health center that provides primary medical and prevention services to all ages.

Project Objectives

As RFHC prepared to launch its new facility in East Palo Alto, an ACT team was asked to help the center better understand the management and marketing of the ground-floor retail space that would be part of the new building.

Project Overview

The ACT team offered recommendations for: setting goals, identifying and comparing tenants, making financial plans, strategizing marketing, choosing a broker, and managing the property. The team also developed a financial model and drafted a marketing plan template to attract tenants.

Key Recommendations

  • Establish clear goals for the new space
  • Balance the needs of patients, employees, and the community
  • Choose a broker familiar with East Palo Alto
  • Choose a property manager comfortable with non-profits
  • Set clear priorities with brokers and property managers
  • Measure success according to goals
  • Plan realistically while developing this new organizational capability


  • Sample Retail Real Estate Financial Model, including initial capital outlays for new retail rental units, reported rental rates in East Palo Alto, and fees per square foot for an outsourced property manager
  • Sample Marketing Plan (useful for launch of a new facility)