Resource Area for Teachers (RAFT) II

Fall-Winter 2001
Project Type
Full team
Project Focus
Expansion or Replication
Organization Type


Resource Area for Teachers (RAFT) believes hands-on learning is the best way to teach children. The organization provides teachers and community groups with creative tools and materials to promote hands-on learning in science, math, technology, and art. Everyday items like computers, office supplies, and manufacturing by-products are donated to RAFT by over 1000 local businesses and transformed into hands-on learning experiences.

Project Objectives

An ACT team was commissioned to analyze replication options for RAFT. The process included identifying potential replication models, distilling the pro and cons for potential models, and developing recommendations for the most appropriate models. Academic literature suggests a four-step review to determine the appropriateness of replication:

  • Step 1: Define what you are scaling and determine if it is replicable.
  • Step 2: Assess the opportunity.
  • Step 3: Evaluate your readiness.
  • Step 4: Formulate a scaling up strategy that fits the organization.

Key Conclusions

  • RAFT provides a unique and valuable service. There is a moral imperative to try to bring RAFT services to other communities.
  • Any replication efforts cannot be allowed to channel resources (money and management attention) away from the San Jose RAFT. Any replication initiative should be staged based on new resources.
  • The final model for the connection between the San Jose RAFT and any new RAFTs will depend on the availability of extra-local funding and the distance to the new RAFT.