Stanford Office of Community Engagement

Spring-Summer 2024
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Stanford’s Office of Community Engagement (OCE) engages Stanford people and programs to strengthen and advance collaboration with neighboring communities as they work to address mutual challenges. Founded in March 2020 as part of Stanford’s Office of External Relations, OCE has played many roles in improving community relationships and modeling how a global research university effectively collaborates with partners in mutually beneficial ways. OCE has had success in serving as a doorway for the public to Stanford, in supporting the work of Stanford’s 140+ Community Engagement Hubs, and in advancing institutional practices - all while welcoming visitors from around the world. OCE is preparing to develop its 2025-2028 Strategic Plan. In doing so, it wants to build on its successes and learnings and prioritize furthering positive stakeholder relationships in Redwood City and Palo Alto given the proximity of Stanford’s two campuses to these two cities. OCE needs to understand these stakeholders’ needs and views of Stanford. OCE’s question: What questions will Stanford OCE ask non-profit community stakeholders and local residents about the usefulness of OCE’s current work and ways they want more positive engagement with Stanford?  

Date and Time for this Session: Wednesday, April 24 from 4-6pm Pacific