Street Tech - Now the Stride Center

Fall-Winter 2005
Project Type
Full team
Project Focus
Strategic Planning
Organization Type
Human Services


Street Tech empowers men and women of all ages to become financially self-sufficient and give back to their communities. Street Tech provides high-quality computer technician training, fully integrated life and professional skills development, and job development and placement assistance to low-income and underserved adults in the San Francisco Bay Area. ReliaTech, one of Street Tech’s two social ventures, is a computer repair business that employs graduates of its program.

Project Objectives

Street Tech asked for ACT’s assistance in creating a professional assessment of ReliaTech’s business model and developing a roadmap that would allow for self-sustainability and revenue support for its core nonprofit mission.

Project Overview

​For this project, the ACT team:

  • developed a work plan,
  • reviewed Street Tech/ReliaTech program,
  • reviewed ReliaTech experience with nonprofit clients,
  • built a financial model,
  • assessed the nonprofit market potential,
  • selected the nonprofit market as target market,
  • reviewed other providers of IT services to nonprofits,
  • conducted nonprofit market research interviews,
  • worked closely with Street Tech Executive Director,
  • and produced conclusions and recommendations.

Key Recommendations

  • Hire ReliaTech Executive Director with marketing, management, and technical skills ASAP
  • Evaluate remote support
  • Investigate funding sources
  • Sell to commercial market once reputation is established in nonprofit market
  • Establish a goal to reduce reliance on outside consultants


  • Chart: San Francisco Bay Area Charitable Organizations (number of organizations and annual expenses)
  • Chart: Target Market Nonprofit Potential Literature (number of organizations compared to target market and location)
  • Chart: Functions of Computer Usage Based on User Need
  • Chart: Comparison of Actual IT Computer Services vs. Perceived IT Service Needs
  • Chart: Size of IT Consulting Projects vs. Type of Project
  • Graph: Source of IT Help
  • Graph: Major Categories of Help
  • Graph: Providers of Consulting Services
  • Graph: Why Nonprofits Don’t Use Consultants