Upwardly Global

Spring-Summer 2004
Project Type
Full team
Project Focus
Expansion or Replication
Organization Type
International Development or Microfinance


Upwardly Global’s (UpGlo) mission is to increase economic opportunities for unemployed and underemployed immigrant professionals and to decrease discrimination against immigrants in the labor market.

Project Objectives

Upwardly Global asked an ACT team to assess potential geographical models by investigating cost structure and revenue potential for expansion models. If expansion was deemed financially and operationally viable, the team was asked to recommend a roll-out strategy, including major organizational structure, milestones, and potential partnerships.

Project Overview

The ACT team began by researching expansion benefits and risks for UpGlo, assessing current organization strengths and weaknesses, and researching expansion readiness of UpGlo. The team then conducted an expansion study on different options and models before creating a rollout strategy for UpGlo and recommending next steps for expansion.

Key Recommendations

  • Become “expansion-ready”
  • Expand using regional model, with timing and scope dependent upon local market conditions and funding
  • Select Southern California, New York City, or Houston as initial (trial) expansion site
  • Phase in additional sites as funding and capacity allows


  • Rollout strategy for expansion