Jack McDonald (1937–2018)

Jack McDonald

In 50 years of teaching, Jack McDonald missed only one class to be with his father when he died. | R.J. Muna

John G. “Jack” McDonald, the Stanford Investors Professor of Finance who taught over 10,000 MBA and Executive Education students over a remarkable 50-year career at Stanford Graduate School of Business, died Jan. 26 at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto. He was 80 years old.

Known internationally for his work on investment in global equity markets, McDonald was renowned on campus for his intense devotion both to his students and the study of investing.

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Tribute to Jack McDonald

Tribute to Jack McDonald

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Jack McDonald Hall and The Stanford Investors Common

In June 2018, Stanford GSB gratefully acknowledged the alumni and friends who chose to honor Jack’s impact on their lives and the school through their generous support of the construction of Jack McDonald Hall and The Stanford Investors Common. In 2014 Mary and R. Michael Shanahan, AB ’60, MBA ’65, made the leadership gift to help Stanford GSB build a new living and learning environment for our students.

Although originally dedicated in 2016 as Highland Hall, it was always Mike and Mary’s intent that the new residence would be renamed after Jack once he retired from Stanford GSB faculty. Others flocked to support the residence once they knew it was to be renamed in Jack’s honor. Jack was deeply grateful for the outpouring of support and was able to thank all who had supported the building’s construction over the past few years.

The state-of-the-art student residence was renamed Jack McDonald Hall in recognition of Jack as one of the school’s most influential and beloved faculty members. Additionally, the multi-use event space known as The GSB Common was renamed as The Stanford Investors Common at the request of an anonymous donor to the space who also wished to honor Jack . It reflects the named professorship that Jack held for many years, which had been established in 2004 by a group of former students, friends, and colleagues. Finally, in addition to the buildings named for him, his legacy at the school lives on through the renamed John G. McDonald Professorship as testament to his five decades of teaching at Stanford GSB.