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About Stanford GSB

Stanford GSB is a place where anything 
and everything is possible. It’s where the boundaries of knowledge are pushed beyond what’s imaginable. Where diverse ideas and perspectives aren’t just accepted, they’re encouraged and embraced.

And in this unique environment of innovation and collaboration, principled leaders emerge. Faculty, students, staff, and alumni develop the courage to take risks, the passion to lead, and the motivation to make a positive impact — on themselves and the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create ideas that deepen and advance our understanding of management and with those ideas to develop innovative, principled, and insightful leaders who change the world.

Key Differentiators

Since 1925, Stanford GSB has been home to bold thinking, rigorous teaching, and breakthrough research. Stanford University and Silicon Valley are integral to who we are and how we think — entrepreneurial, open-minded, and eager to tackle problems — in business and beyond.

Whether it’s the two-year Stanford MBA Program, the one-year Stanford MSx Program, the Stanford GSB PhD Program, or a week of Executive Education, Stanford GSB’s immersive and experiential academics combined with personal development and leadership have the power to transform both careers and lives.

Outstanding Students and Faculty

The Stanford MBA Program attracts high-potential individuals from across the globe. Faculty includes Nobel laureates and cutting-edge thinkers in disciplines such as economics, organizational behavior, and operations, as well as areas such as big data, social sciences, and engineering. The school convenes a full panoply of CEO speakers and global leaders which add to the dynamic learning community.

Cross-School Collaboration

An integral part of Stanford University, Stanford GSB fosters collaboration across Stanford University’s seven schools — business, earth sciences, education, engineering, law, medicine, and humanities and sciences — which encourages diverse and dynamic perspectives and allows ideas to flourish. Stanford GSB leverages this collective community to create joint programs, classes, and initiatives for students across a broad range of interests. One in five MBAs pursues a joint or dual degree. Group projects help students hone their team skills.

Strategically Small

The entering class size is typically half that of other leading business schools, creating distinct advantages. It allows for a high-touch and immersive experience and offers small-group leadership exercises and coaching. Students develop deep relationships with their classmates which stay with them into their careers and lives.

Alumni Network

The intimate size of programs means relationships are strong and alumni can rely on support from each other that endures for a lifetime. The strong culture fosters a commitment to contributing expertise and mentoring to Stanford GSB beyond graduation. Our high-touch, multidisciplined approach offers lifelong opportunities for leaders to learn, grow, and share.

Innovation in Our DNA

Stanford University began with the pioneering spirit of Leland and Jane Stanford, who established the institution for the growing Western United States. Stanford grew into a university with a reputation for breakthrough research as a catalyst for change. Stanford GSB now shares a special relationship with Silicon Valley as a place where people, potential, and ideas come together to achieve the unimaginable.

Global Orientation

Global problems are management problems. Through global seminars and global study trips, programs and internships, students view issues through an international lens in and out of class. The school’s online program Stanford LEAD and global certificate programs such as the Seed Transformation Program enable people around the world to collaborate, innovate, and apply new skills to their organizations.

Positive Impact

We are an accelerator for creating changes that solve everyday problems as well as intractable global, social, and environmental challenges. Through a rigorous understanding of the issues, students pursue ideas, collaborations, and approaches that have not yet been discovered. Our alumni are the stewards of the school’s ongoing commitment to making a positive impact, and take actions beyond the boundaries of traditional business.

Diversity and Inclusion

Stanford GSB is committed to fostering diverse perspectives and bringing together people to learn from one another. Through offerings such as the LGBTQ Executive Education Leadership Program and Interpersonal Dynamics (“Touchy Feely”) curricula, Stanford GSB cultivates an atmosphere of collaboration, with rich social conversations that lead to transformation of the whole self.