Digital Business Initiative

The Digital Business Initiative seeks to empower business leaders by equipping them with the tools and methods to analyze data and make informed decisions in data-rich environments.

We investigate management issues related to organizing and leading data-driven initiatives in business and government.

Latest Research

Stefan Wager, Susan Athey
Journal of the American Statistical Association. June
6 , 2018

Many scientific and engineering challenges—ranging from personalized medicine to customized marketing recommendations—require an understanding of treatment effect heterogeneity. In this article, we develop a nonparametric causal forest for estimating heterogeneous treatment effects...

Susan Athey, David Blei, Robert Donnelly, Francisco Ruiz, Tobias Schmidt
American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings. May
2018, Vol. 108, Pages 64-67

We estimate a model of consumer choices over restaurants using data from several thousand anonymous mobile phone users. Restaurants have latent characteristics (whose distribution may depend on restaurant observables) that...

Susan Athey, Emilio Calvano, Joshua S. Gans
Management Science. April
2018, Vol. 64, Issue 4, Pages 1574-1590

We develop a model of advertising markets in an environment where consumers may switch (or “multi-home”) across publishers. Consumer switching generates inefficiency in the process of matching advertisers to consumers,...