Digital Business Initiative

The Digital Business Initiative seeks to empower business leaders by equipping them with the tools and methods to analyze data and make informed decisions in data-rich environments.

We investigate management issues related to organizing and leading data-driven initiatives in business and government.

Latest Research

Susan Athey, Emilio Calvano, Joshua S. Gans
Management Science. April
2018, Vol. 64, Issue 4, Pages 1574-1590

We develop a model of advertising markets in an environment where consumers may switch (or “multi-home”) across publishers. Consumer switching generates inefficiency in the process of matching advertisers to consumers,...

Susan Athey
The Economics of Artificial Intelligence: An Agenda (forthcoming). University of Chicago Press, January

This paper provides an assessment of the early contributions of machine learning to economics, as well as predictions about its future contributions. It begins by briefly overviewing some themes from...

Susan Athey, Guido W. Imbens, Thai Pham, Stefan Wager
American Economic Review. May
2017, Vol. 107, Issue 5, Pages 278-81

There is a large literature on semiparametric estimation of average treatment effects under unconfounded treatment assignment in settings with a fixed number of covariates. More recently attention has focused on...