GSB Executive Challenge

Executive Challenge at Stanford GSB

Challenging Students in Real Time

Each December, Stanford GSB brings together more than 200 of its accomplished alumni from around the world to participate in a one-of-a-kind learning experience for first-year MBAs. Dubbed the Executive Challenge, alumni serve as judges and participants in a series of experiential leadership challenges, simulating some of the difficult issues that CEOs and senior leaders face in a typical day.

A Team (and Stanford GSB Community)-Based Learning Experience

During the autumn quarter, students in Leadership Labs work in squads (five to six students) and are coached by a Leadership Fellow to develop skills in motivating others, building relationships, and influencing outcomes — skills required in every leader today. The Executive Challenge serves as the culminating event for the autumn quarter curriculum, including Leadership Labs. With more than 600 current and future business leaders engaged in an active learning process, it is an educational experience that only a school like Stanford GSB could create.

Taking Leadership Education to the Next Level

Unlike most educational events at Stanford GSB, this is an opportunity for senior-level alumni to engage students in a very personal and direct learning process. Alumni judges provide feedback about specific behaviors after participating in a simulated leadership challenge with students.

We believe that educating leaders is an important and noble mission. Stanford GSB students go on to lead organizations that will shape our world for the coming generation. We strive to provide them with opportunities to practice such leadership under pressure, and apply critical reflection. We believe this is what generates more principled, innovative and insightful leaders that are ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century.