Recruiter Conduct Policies

The 2014-15 Stanford GSB recruiting policies are updated and available here.

To ensure equal opportunity for the wide variety of organizations that recruit at Stanford GSB and to ensure your support of our core academic mission, you are required to agree to the following policies and communicate them to all of your recruiters or interviewers as all organization representatives are bound by these policies.

Please abide by both the letter and spirit of these policies. Not abiding by these policies will result in consequences that may affect your organization's reputation and future eligibility to recruit at Stanford GSB.

Students or organizations may inform the Career Management Center about violations and will be reviewed by the CMC management team on a case-by-case basis. If you are unclear about the policies or consequences or have questions about another firm's actions, please contact your Recruiting Relationship Manager.

Required Recruiter Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement of the above policies and guidelines is required in order to participate in any recruiting activity at the Stanford Graduate School of Business including the job board, resume databases and on-campus recruiting.

When ready to agree to the acknowledgement, select I Accept below. You will be taken to the Recruiter Dashboard to log in where you will then be able to complete registration for OCR and presentations.

I have read the Recruiter Conduct Policies. I will communicate these policies to the employees representing my organization who will recruit at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. I understand the consequences for any adverse actions by my organization in violation of the policies. I will report any violations by other organizations or by students to the Career Management Center.


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