Stanford Graduate School of Business

Redwood City


Redwood City Entrepreneurship Boot Camp

Dates: September 12-13, November 14 -15, 2016 and January 30 - 31, 2017
(a three-module program)
Application Deadline: July 30, 2016
Tuition: $1,250 (includes application fee, course materials, breakfasts, and lunches)
Location: Knight Management Center, Stanford Graduate School of Business


Delivered over three two-day modules, Entrepreneurship Boot Camp is a customized educational program for local Redwood City entrepreneurs. Taught by world-renowned faculty from Stanford Graduate School of Business, this program will provide participants with the tools every entrepreneur needs to manage and finance growing enterprises — including how to evaluate business ideas, diagnose and solve business problems, and determine strategic growth opportunities. Participants will also hone leadership skills necessary for managing innovative organizations.


  • • Strategy and Organizational Design for Innovation
  • • Managing and Financing Growth
  • • Building Innovative Brands
  • • Communication and the Art of Persuasion
  • • Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital
  • • Attracting and Retaining Talent


  • • Knowledge of the role strategic leadership plays in a company‘s evolution
  • • Deeper understanding of market forces and competition, and how to think beyond    market constraints
  • • Ability to scale up farther, faster, and more effectively
  • • Tools to facilitate partnerships with key stakeholders
  • • Skills that every innovative organization needs to succeed


Building New Growth Opportunities
Many existing and brand-new companies aim to build new ventures that will provide substantive growth over an extended period. This session will examine the risks and opportunities of various new venture strategies, as well as provide frameworks and key concepts relating to building high growth new ventures.

The Art of Storytelling
How do you tell a story? This question becomes important for leaders of companies as they use and craft stories for internal and external stakeholders to further strategic advantage, align a shared vision, spur innovation, and attract capital. We often leave stories to proven “storytellers” but we all have this skill–we simply need to hone it. In this session we will break down the basic elements of storytelling, illuminate the power of a strong story, and discuss how storytelling helps build brands and organizations. Creating powerful stories and communicating them effectively can captivate financial investors, loyal customers, and engaged employees.

Motivating Others to Perform
Leaders must motivate their employees to work hard in ways that advance the mission of the enterprise. Most managers rely on pay, bonuses, and perks as effective means of motivation. However, in this session you will learn about alternative “psychological levers” that can help build employee engagement and performance. In particular, we will discuss a framework for thinking about “intrinsic motivation” and consider exemplars from successful organizations that have unlocked their employees’ true potential by providing meaning in their work.

This program is designed for senior-level executives working in entrepreneurial organizations in Redwood City who seek greater knowledge to take their enterprises to the next level.

The Stanford Difference
Stanford Graduate School of Business Executive Education programs offer executives an extraordinary opportunity to immerse themselves in an intensive, collaborative learning environment where the focus is continually on the future. Entrepreneurship Boot Camp is provided, at a significantly reduced tuition, through a partnership between the City of Redwood City and Stanford Graduate School of Business. It is designed to help Redwood City businesses acquire the knowledge, vision, and skills to bring innovative leadership to their organizations while advancing their personal and professional growth.