Campaign Steering Committee


Key alumni are playing a major role in guiding the GSB during The Stanford Challenge. The following people serve on the school’s campaign steering committee, giving generously of their time to help ensure a bright future for the GSB.


Robert L. Joss, Sloan ’66, MBA ’67, PhD ’70


Robert M. Bass, MBA ’74
Mayree C. Clark, MBA ’81
James G. Coulter, MBA ’86
Michael G. McCaffery, MBA ’82
Robert G. Scott, MBA ’70
Gene T. Sykes, MBA ’84


Rocky Barber, AB ’73, MS ’73, MBA ’75
Jeffrey T. Chambers, MBA ’80
Carol F. Dressler, AM ’68, SEP ’75
Terry Eakin III, MBA ’68
Jerker M. Johansson, MBA ’86
Chien Lee, BS ’75, MS ’75, MBA ’79
Hamid R. Moghadam, MBA ’80
George G. C. Parker, MBA ’62, PhD ’67
Scott M. Stuart, MBA ’86
John A. Svoboda, MBA ’83