Faculty: Cultivating a Community of Excellence

photo - Prof. Hau Lee

Outstanding people make the GSB a preeminent school of management. Our faculty members are renowned scholars whose work covers a wide breadth of management disciplines. Their scholarship drives our success and influences businesses and leaders throughout the world. Recruitment, retention, and support of the best scholars and educators are central to making the school a model of management education for the future.

The competition for GSB-caliber faculty has never been more intense. In addition, more than 20 percent of the school's tenured professors are over the age of 55. As senior faculty all-stars begin to retire, we must keep the pipeline full by attracting and retaining a new generation of outstanding scholars.

With your support, we will be able to continue to invest in the development of faculty members who distinguish themselves as both teachers and researchers and make the Graduate School of Business a dynamic learning environment.

Opportunities to Support Faculty


Endowed professorships are the highest honor the university can bestow and are crucial to our ability to recruit top scholars. Donors may establish professorships in their own name or in the names of others whom they wish to honor, and the post exists in perpetuity.

Faculty Fellow and Scholar Awards

Faculty fellow awards honor tenured faculty, while faculty scholar awards recognize achievement in research and teaching activities in junior faculty. The award, which exists in perpetuity, can bear the donor's name and be directed to a particular field of interest.

To make a gift, or for more information on ways to support GSB faculty, contact Susan Le Corre, Director of Major Gifts.