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Spring 2015 — Reward

We explored the theme of risk in our last issue: how to identify it, how to understand it, and how to mitigate it. This time we look at one of the best possible outcomes of taking a big risk, the reward. Rewards can come in many forms: There are those we chase, those we earn, and those that come to us after hardship and struggle.

Our stories look at the satisfaction we derive from a job well done or a life well lived, as well as the external rewards we receive like money and fame. We cover compensation, benefits, and bonuses; what we value in financial and other markets; and how we regard certain characteristics in potential hires and entrepreneurs, as well as in goods and services.

At Stanford Business publications, our discussions on this theme have also helped us think more deeply about what we offer our magazine readers, as well as the millions of people who read and view our stories on our website, on YouTube, and now in syndication in English and Chinese. In all of these places our content is built around the phrase “stories that teach.” That is, we require that every piece helps readers and viewers in their professional and personal lives, or helps them better understand the world.

The feedback we have received suggests this strategy is resonating. In the two years since we relaunched the magazine, we have won multiple regional and national awards and recognition for our work in print and online. But the far greater satisfaction comes from the knowledge that by sharing and disseminating the research and ideas generated here, we are doing our part to contribute to the educational mission of the university.

As always, let us know what you think.

Michael Freedman, editorial director