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Autumn 2014 — Risk

This issue examines risk from a variety of perspectives, including why we are so bad at understanding the probability of harm, the likelihood of a space catastrophe, and (much) closer to home, how to identify a boss you just shouldn’t trust.

But rather than simply dwelling on danger, our stories take a solutions-oriented approach. For example, we explore how data can be used to reduce the number of hospital readmissions, as well as potential policy responses to addressing the effects of some of the world’s most terrifying scenarios, such as a terrorist attack or the outbreak of a fatal disease.

Taking calculated risks is also part of our DNA. You’ll see this in evidence in our magazine as well as on Insights by Stanford Business, our new digital home for research, stories, and ideas, where we have developed innovative ways to create a more engaging reader experience. This includes an emphasis on social sharing and increased use of video, audio, interactive features, and infographics. Alongside each story we offer related articles, research papers, case studies, books, and educational programs for those whose curiosity inspires them to dig deeper.

We also recently launched a new multimedia project based on the book Roadside MBA: Back Road Lessons for Entrepreneurs, by Stanford GSB economist Paul Oyer, the University of Utah’s Scott Schaefer, and Mike Mazzeo from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Our team joined them on a trip through the American West to create a package of videos and written pieces on what you can learn from and about small business in America. Let us know what you think about these and our other projects.

Michael Freedman, editorial director