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Woman walking in front of an image of a memory chip
May 14, 2015

Pedro Gardete: Should Competitors Share Information?

Information-sharing can help better predict market ups and downs.


A woman walking out of Google
February 26, 2015

Lisa De Simone: How U.S. Companies Export Profits to Save on Taxes

A Stanford scholar examines three methods of income shifting, and why some firms benefit more than others.


 child sitting in a wheelchair at the Center for the Rehabilitation of the Handicapped in Yaounde, Cameroon
June 16, 2015

Taking on the Challenges of Health Care in Africa

As the types of illnesses change throughout the continent, half the population still lacks adequate health services.


Aurora Co-founder Samuel Adeyemo works on a rooftop installation. | Courtesy of Samuel Adeyemo
July 1, 2015

Solving Solar’s Logistical Headaches

Installing a solar project is easy. Designing it takes months. Aurora Solar wants to offer a possible solution.


 Officials at a vote-counting center in Nairobi, Kenya | Reuters/Karel Prinsloo
June 10, 2015

Sangick Jeon: How Do You Manage Diversity?

In Kenya, a Stanford researcher shows that ethnic diversity can spur productivity.
Learn where economics and political science intersect.

Latest Stories in Global Business

November 1, 2005

Vyomesh Joshi: The Business Plan is Simple, Executing It is Hard

The executive from HP's imaging and printing group explains the five pillars of a sustainable business, and how to see them through.
June 1, 2005

The G8 Debt Relief Plan May Not Help

A move to forgive $40 billion in debt owed by the world's poorest nations is unlikely to result in large benefits for the struggling countries.
March 11, 2005

Stanford Alumni Conference in London: Global Business, Global Poverty

Professor John Roberts moderated. Distinguished panelists included John Browne, MS ’81; Sir Dominc Cadbury, MBA ’64; and Sir Deryck Maughan, MS ’79.
February 1, 2005

Hau Lee: The Role of Confidence in Successful Supply Chains

How shared information and trust can curb irrational worry and prevent inefficiencies.
October 1, 2004

Outsourcing Has No Easy Answers, Say Panelists

Most panelists at the Oct. 9 conference say competitiveness is the key weapon against social inequality and unemployment associated with outsourcing.
October 1, 2004

Use Weighted Averages to Determine Transfer Pricing

A prize-winning paper presents a real-world method for transfer pricing that incorporates both management and tax considerations.
May 1, 2004

Vinod Khosla: Microlending to End Poverty

The venture capitalist calls funding low-income entrepreneurs "one of the most important economic phenomena since the advent of capitalism."
March 12, 2004

Leonard Lauder: "We're a Family in Business, Not a Family Business"

The second-generation leader of Estee Lauder Companies explains why taking the business public was key to global expansion.
January 1, 2004

Economics Research: What Would Happen if We Removed Borders?

When two countries join, both almost always benefit economically from greater access to ideas, capital, and customers.
March 15, 2003

Economic Analysis: Debt Relief Doesn't Help Small Countries

Highly indebted poor countries should be targeted not for debt relief but for direct aid that would assist in building social infrastructure.