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A man's silhouette in front of Facebook and Twitter logos
January 23, 2015

Michal Kosinski: Computers Are Better Judges of Your Personality Than Friends

Artificial intelligence can draw inferences about a person as accurately as a spouse, according to one Stanford postdoctoral fellow.


A researcher standing in a field
January 16, 2015

Everything That Can Go Wrong in a Field Experiment (and What to Do About It)

Four Stanford scholars share the most important lessons they’ve learned in the field.

Latest Stories in Operations, Information & Technology

November 18, 2013

John Fenwick: "Look for Industries That Are Ripe for Disruption"

A cofounder of Skybox Imaging discusses satellites, data, and advice to the budding entrepreneur.
October 28, 2013

Mariam Naficy: Tech Startup Crowdsources Artwork

A serial female entrepreneur advises women to take risks early in their careers.
October 23, 2013

China 2.0: A Nation's High-Tech Direction

From Bay-jing to Beijing: The Five Top Trends in China's Tech Industry.
October 14, 2013

Jason Rosenthal: Going Against the Grain

A serial entrepreneur explains why he takes on huge markets with disruptive approaches.
September 24, 2013

Chris Larsen: Money Without Borders

A serial entrepreneur jolted the financial services industry twice. His third move may be his brashest yet.
September 24, 2013

George P. Shultz: "Issues on My Mind"

The scholar, diplomat, and businessman discusses America's role in the world.
September 20, 2013

Susan Athey: How Big Data Changes Business Management

The Stanford economist explains how troves of digital data will reshape competition.
September 19, 2013

A Team of Researchers Explores Health Care Delivery in Africa

Can well-managed fleets of vehicles increase health worker productivity?
September 16, 2013

Sergio Autrey: Mixing Science and Art in the Satellite Business

One of Mexico's leading businessmen advises a group of artists on their launch of one of the world's first art satellites.
June 25, 2013

Eric Pooley: In Antarctica, an Up-Close Look at Climate Change

On a trip to the continent, students and business leaders explore the impact of warming, and potential solutions.