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Employment History

Work experience is not required for entry to the Stanford MBA Program. College seniors and recent college graduates are encouraged to apply, as are those with all levels of work experience. We do value diversity of experience in our student body, so no one industry or function or background is preferred over another. Keep in mind that we are more interested in the impact you have had in your work place than the name or stature of your organization.

As you complete this section of the application, you have an opportunity to describe your employment history, including your responsibilities, challenges, and accomplishments. Have you made the most of your professional opportunities? Are you cultivating your leadership and team skills and making a difference? We look at your responses in conjunction with your recommendations to create a broad picture of the impact you have had in your work environment(s).

Include both full-time and part-time work experiences. If you have had more than one job, we also ask why you left your previous employer(s). Your response to this question will help us understand your career development and what has motivated your decision making. We also ask you to report the industry and job function you hope to pursue after you obtain your MBA.


After completing the “Employment History” section, upload your resume. Suggested length is one page.

Last Updated 18 Sep 2013