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Professional Experience

Work experience is not required for entry to the Stanford MBA Program. We welcome applications from college seniors and recent college graduates, as well as those with all levels of work experience.

We value diversity of experience in our student body, so no specific industry, function, or background is preferred over another. We are more interested in the impact you have had in your workplace than in the name or stature of your organization.

In this section of the application, you have an opportunity to describe your employment history, including your responsibilities, challenges, and accomplishments. How have you made the most of your professional opportunities? Are you cultivating your leadership and team skills and making a difference? We look at your responses in conjunction with your letters of reference to create a picture of the impact you have had in your work environment(s).

Here are some specifics about completing this section of the application:

  • Don’t list positions held prior to university.
  • For each employer, you may add up to four specific job roles so you can describe formal job-rotation assignments, promotions, or other significant changes in your responsibilities. You do not, however, need to tell us about every project you’ve ever done for your employer.
  • Include full-time and part-time work experiences, as well as paid and unpaid internships. If you have had more than one job, we ask why you left your previous job(s). Your response to this question will help us understand your career development and what has motivated your decision-making.
  • We also ask you to tell us the industry and job function you hope to pursue after you obtain your MBA, and to provide a brief description of your career aspirations.

Business Resume

Attach your one-page resume. Unless you have a compelling reason, do not submit a resume that is longer than one page. We agree with Laszlo Bock of Google when he suggests, “A good rule of thumb is one page for every ten years of work experience … A crisp, focused resume demonstrates an ability to synthesize, prioritize, and convey the most important information about you.”

Last Updated 7 Aug 2015