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Stanford Venture Studio

The Stanford Venture Studio is an entrepreneurial hub and hands-on learning resource for students across all disciplines who are actively pursuing a new venture idea.

Through a range of highly targeted programs and resources, the Stanford Venture Studio supports students at any stage of their venture - from early brainstorming through early launch and fundraising.

Highlights of the Stanford Venture Studio’s offering include:

  • 24/7 access to co-working space at the vibrant NGP CoLab with tools for ideation, prototyping and experimenting
  • Weekly one-to-one advising with founders, venture capitalists, product experts, industry veterans, and faculty from various schools
  • Online and offline forums to facilitate support and collaboration from peers and 900+ Venture Studio alumni
  • Participation in Demo Day — an opportunity to present your business idea and solicit feedback from top venture capitalists and industry professionals
  • Suite of free resources such as AWS credit, subscription discounts, access to pro-bono legal services, and software tools
  • Close ties with student groups, programs and centers across campus, as well as industry organizations to provide students with relevant connections and networking opportunities

The Stanford Venture Studio is open to all Stanford graduate students meeting certain basic eligibility criteria.

The Stanford Venture Studio: Introduction
Introduction to the Stanford Venture Studio
The Stanford Venture Studio provides a supportive environment, where students benefit from being immersed in the Stanford entrepreneurial community.
Stanford Venture Studio: Maryanna Quigless MBA '13, intelRiver
Alumni Spotlight

Residents share their stories and their journeys through the Stanford Venture Studio resident program.

Stanford Venture Studio: Rene Morkos, PhD '14 (CEE), ALICE
Alumni Spotlight

The Stanford Venture Studio provides a dynamic and supportive environment with a network of peers who are all going through the roller coaster journey of being an entrepreneur.