How can you reach the highest levels of leadership? How can you turn challenges into opportunities? How do you compete and win?

Designed in conjunction with Asian American senior executives, the program provides a rigorous curriculum so that you can develop the leadership skills you need to succeed. Complementing the classwork and group exercises are informal networking opportunities with Asian American senior executives, thanks to our collaboration with Ascend.

Program Highlights

Below are just a few of the sessions you’ll attend as part of the program.

Building Power and Influence: Personal Strategies

Even though cooperation and collaboration are valued in organizations, they remain inevitably hierarchical. Because aspiring leaders are challenged by the idea of power, this session will highlight the importance of getting comfortable with power, understanding the fundamentals of power dynamics, and developing one’s own path to power.

The CEO Agenda: Taking Charge of Strategy, Growth, and Culture

Getting to senior executive positions requires an understanding of the CEOs’ agenda: how they measure their own success, how they spend their time, how they communicate with different audiences, and their temperament. This session will provide insights from successful CEOs of medium-size and large companies.

Effective Communication Skills

As a leader, you spend the majority of your time communicating with others. You probably don’t spend much time thinking about the way you do this, nor are you likely to get honest feedback about the way you communicate. Yet the quality of your communication skills largely determines your effectiveness. This session will provide guidelines for improving your communication style. In particular, we will focus on your persuasive skills — how to convince others to accept your ideas or support your position, even if they are skeptical at first.


Akniet Rysbek
Associate Director, Programs Executive Education