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Impact Coaching

Connect with world-class coaches and make meaningful progress toward your professional and personal goals. Develop critical skills, mindsets, and behaviors necessary to thrive in work and life.

I have learned to control and channel my power and authority productively. I have also learned how to empower others in the room and make everyone feel included in the conversation. This has improved the transparency and trust within my organization.
Stanford Executive Program Alumnus and BetterUp Member

Stanford GSB Executive Education, in collaboration with coaching provider BetterUp, connects you with an executive coach to unlock your full potential. You’ll have a strategic sounding board, thought partner, motivator, and listener in your corner to increase your accountability, provide guidance, and offer real-time feedback.

The coaching experience is entirely customized for you and your goals. Once you’ve established a baseline for critical skills, mindsets, and behaviors, your coach will leverage the latest evidence-based research in learning theory and behavioral science to help you continuously practice and grow.

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Online, self-paced


US $2,500 for three months of coaching

The Experience

  • Anytime, anywhere access: Available world-wide across time zones and languages through the BetterUp platform.
  • Primary coaching: Unlimited 1:1 virtual coaching with a best-in-class coach in your local area to help you grow personally and professionally.
  • Specialist coaching: Access to coaches that specialize in areas such as effective communication, navigating uncertainty, diversity and inclusion, working parents, sleep, and nutrition.
  • On-Demand coaching: Ability to schedule a coaching session with a professional coach within one hour. 
  • Stanford Curriculum: Coaches are trained in the Stanford Executive Program curriculum in addition to the vigorous criteria required for coaching to join the BetterUp network.

Key Outcomes

  • 104% increase in individual performance
  • 90% increase in social connection
  • 71% reduction in stress
  • 68% increase on optimism
  • 48% increase in motivating others

Source: BetterUp clients with at least six months of engagement.

Key Benefits

  • One-on-one support from a world-class, BetterUp coach. Make meaningful progress toward personal and professional goals.
  • Coaching at your fingertips on your schedule. Unlimited access to coaching through a mobile platform available anytime, anywhere.
  • Data-driven outcomes. Reduce stress and increase individual performance and social connections.

Who Should Attend

  • Professionals who are committed to developing their individual and leadership potential through development of critical skills, mindsets, and behaviors
  • Experienced leaders who are invested in elevating their individual output and organizational impact
  • Emerging leaders who want to up-level development and make meaningful progress toward professional and personal goals


Program Manager, Executive Education