The LGBTQ Experience

Stanford Graduate School of Business has a strong tradition of creating world-class academic offerings for executives at almost every stage of their careers. Lifelong learning, innovation, and new scholarship can enrich any leader’s potential.

Stanford GSB is proud to tailor offerings to address conditions that uniquely confront health industry leaders, women, and Asian-Americans, for example. Our experience tells us that designing specialized curricula that deftly address the needs of diverse populations often provide a more personalized, relevant, and rewarding education experience — while also finding common ground.

Above all, in many corporations today, we see persistent gaps within senior leadership ranks that overlook the talents of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender, and queer or questioning executives. Our aim is to accelerate the careers and possibilities for qualified LGBTQ leaders by offering a world-class learning environment and networking opportunity that incorporate Stanford’s outstanding scholarship, dedication to design thinking, and a deeper focus on personal leadership styles.

LGBTQ program participants sharing a meal together

Special occasions that help cement new and old friendships.

LGBTQ program participants in a breakout session

Understanding differences and forging consensus.

Sarah Soule and Tom Wurster, faculty directors of the LGBTQ Executive Leadership Program

Sarah Soule and Tom Wurster, cofounders of Stanford GSB LGBTQ Executive Leadership Program.

JD Schramm teaches a session in the LGBTQ Executive Leadership Program

Fostering knowledge and connections under JD Schramm’s instruction.

LGBTQ program participants sharing ideas

LGBTQ networks grow through spirited class dialogue.

Ttwo LGBTQ program participants interacting

Stanford bridges ideas and personal bonds.

The Right Course at the Right Time for LGBTQ Leaders

To start, Stanford GSB’s approach is unique and individualized. It is grounded in our trusted experience in executive career growth combined with our aim to serve diverse communities including LGBTQ leaders. Qualified mid- to senior-level executives, with a minimum of five years management experience, join us from every sector of the economy — and bring their whole selves to the experience. Today, Stanford is acknowledged as the only world-class business school to offer such a program.

We know there are a number of outstanding LGBTQ professional associations and leadership programs that make a real difference: They advance visibility, strengthen peer networks, and promote role models for aspiring leaders. In fact, many Stanford prospects actively participate nationally and locally in these programs, and frequently serve on their boards.

Choosing to take part in the Stanford LGBTQ Executive Leadership program builds ambitiously on these foundations. It offers each participant individual attention and global network connections, while incorporating landmark scholarship in design thinking, leadership, and communications styles that powerfully resonates with LGBTQ executives.

Marina De La Torre: LGBTQ Past Participant
Marina De La Torre: LGBTQ Past Participant
Listen to Marina De La Torre tell her personal experience in the LGBTQ Executive Leadership Program.

Designed for LGBTQ Business Leaders

The Executive Leadership program is intended primarily for corporate executives, and is designed by scholars and expert instructors at Stanford GSB.

However, we believe our approach can and does offer intrinsic benefits to senior LGBTQ leaders in other sectors including foundations, nonprofits, and public service.

Stanford’s Commitment to Diverse Leadership

Our aim must be to reach out globally to as diverse a cross-section of leaders as possible, across the entire LGBTQ spectrum, and to leave no one behind. The qualities of executive leadership can be found and are needed in all communities.

Kayton Bhatia: LGBTQ Past Participant
Kayton Bhatia: LGBTQ Past Participant
Kayton Bhatia describes the Stanford LGBTQ experience in his own words.

Our All-Inclusive Program

The tuition for the week-long program is all-inclusive. Upon arriving on the Stanford campus, each student is provided with all course materials, comfortable private accommodations, all meals and refreshments, gym membership privileges, and of course, an exceptional selection of some of Stanford’s most accomplished scholars and instructors as well as memorable guest speakers.

Our Diverse Faculty and Mentors

Stanford’s faculty includes some of the top academics in their fields, and represents a cross-section of LGBTQ individuals as well as strong and enthusiastic allies. This can also be said for our special guest speakers who generously share their own rewarding experiences with the course participants.


Lisa Blair
Associate Director, Programs Executive Education