Adeyemi Ajao

By Graham Weaver, Meredith Colton Hazy
2020 | Case No. SM339 | Length 5 pgs.
This case details challenges Adeyemi Ajao faced in his career as a founder of three companies: Tuenti, a social media company in Spain, Cabify, a ride-sharing business in Spanish-speaking countries, and Base10 Partners, a venture capital firm. At Tuenti, Ajao debates whether to accept outside funding at the early stage of his start-up. At Cabify, he navigates the ride-sharing regulatory landscape in Spain. And at Base10, he deals with reluctant investors while he raises a venture fund.

Learning Objective

This case objective is to help students appreciate the spectrum of challenges founders face. Themes include venture capital funding, regulatory barriers, investor relations, co-founder dynamics, and start-up challenges outside the United States.
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