Anatomy of a Corporate Campaign Rainforest Action Network and Citigroup (B)

By David Baron, Erin Yurday
2004 | Case No. P42B

The Rainforest Action Network (RAN) launched its campaign against Citigroup in April 2000 with the objective of forcing Citigroup to recognize and take responsibility for its role in rainforest destruction through its financing. After two challenging years, RAN believed that the campaign was gaining momentum, but RAN was still meeting with Citigroup personnel who had little real authority. Ilyse Hogue, campaign manager for the Global Finance Campaign, said, “We were convinced that no one inside Citigroup with any decision-making ability was paying attention to us.” RAN was at a low point in the campaign. Outside developments then suddenly put the spotlight on corporate governance and Citigroup. RAN took advantage of the opportunity and stepped up the pressure beginning in the summer of 2002.

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