Acterra: Action for a Healthy Planet V

Palo Alto, CA
Spring-Summer 2021
Project Type
Full team
Project Focus
Market Analysis,
Marketing & Communications
Organization Type


Acterra focuses on the most urgent issue of our time: climate change. Acterra’s programs educate people – across beneficial electrification, climate-friendly food, and community resilience – to build collective action in fighting climate change.


How can Acterra best measure and describe its impact to funders and volunteers?


While Acterra has a deep history and strong local presence, it has struggled with how to measure and communicate its impact. Most existing metrics are focused on process, not outcomes. Acterra’s Board and management believe that (1) outcomes measures are needed to effectively guide the organization and (2) funders and volunteers will expect it. 

Project Objectives

Acterra would like ACT’s help in defining outcome measures for its work. This will include researching how other environmental organizations evaluate their programs, what the expectations of donors and grant-makers are, how these measures could be applied at Acterra, and how best to communicate Acterra’s impact to key constituents.


This is a Full Team project:

  • Scope: High-priority organizational challenge involving strategy or management
  • Team Size: 4 consultants, including 1-2 project leaders
  • Project Duration: 5-6 months
  • Estimated time Contribution: Team member: 3-4 hrs/week, Project leader: 5-6 hrs/week

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