Life Services Alternatives

Spring-Summer 2024
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Founded in 2002, Life Services Alternatives (LSA) provides permanent long-term housing and tailored programs for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The organization has grown from three homes in 2004 to 15 today, serving 72 people ages 20 to 82. LSA employs physical, music, and recreational therapists to work with each individual it serves. In addition to housing, LSA offers the Community Integration Training Program that partners with other nonprofits to allow participants to learn new life skills and grow social skills. Each home is tailored to the interests and needs of its community so that individuals of varying genders, ages, and accessibility needs can support one another.

LSA has been the recipient of the Service Provider of the Year award by California’s San Andreas Regional Center which helps placement of new residents. Funding for LSA is primarily from the state but it is developing fundraising efforts to facilitate further expansion of homes and programs. Housing for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Santa Clara and surrounding counties is at a crisis level. LSA’s question: How can LSA expand its donor base, particularly with audiences who are not connected to individuals with disabilities?

Date and Time for this Session: Thursday, April 18 from 5-7pm Pacific