Thursday, Dec 10, 2020 Friday, Dec 11, 2020

Review of Accounting Studies 2020 Conference

Exploring current topics in accounting research.
Open to
The Bass Center library at Stanford GSB



The RAST Conference is held annually. Papers accepted for presentation at the conference relate to topics such as valuation, accounting quality, and fundamental analysis. Papers can be empirical archival, experimental, field-based or theoretical.

The RAST conference held at Stanford has a special focus on the role of financial reporting and disclosure and its impact on CSR (corporate social responsibility) and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) policies and actions.

We thank Cambridge Business Publishers and Morgan Stanley for their sponsorship of the RAST conference.


Day 1: Thursday, December 10

(LA=2:00–6:30pm, NY=5:00–9:30pm, London=10pm–2:30am, Singapore=6:00–10:30am Friday)


Hospitality Room Open - Remo (Optional Pre-conference Socializing)

Session 1: Financial (Mis)conduct and Employee Mistreatment: Evidence from Wage Theft

Aneesh Raghunandan, London School of Economics (Presenter)
Aiyesha Dey, Harvard University (Discussant)
Jungho Choi, Stanford University (Moderator)

2:55–3:05pm Break
Session 2: Doing Good When Doing Well: Evidence on Real Earnings Management

Charles Hadlock, Michigan State University (Presenter)
Ilia Dichev, Emory University (Discussant)
Becky Lester, Stanford University (Moderator)

3:50–4:00pm Break
Session 3: Strategic Reporting by Nonprofit Hospitals: An Examination of Bad Debt and Charity Care

Amanda Beck, Georgia State University (Presenter)
Ranjani Krishnan, Michigan State University (Discussant)
Brandon Gipper, Stanford University (Moderator)

4:45–4:55pm Break
Session 4: Voluntary Disclosure When Private Information and Proprietary Costs Are Jointly Determined

Daniel Taylor, University of Pennsylvania (Presenter)
Iván Marinovic (Discussant)
Kevin Smith, Stanford University (Moderator)

5:40–6:30pm Cocktail Hour - Remo (Optional Socializing)

Day 2: Friday, December 11

(LA=9:00am–1:30pm, NY=12:00–4:30pm, London=5:00–9:30pm, Singapore=1:00–5:30am Saturday)

8:15–9:00am Hospitality Room Open - Remo (Optional Socializing)
9:00–9:10am Welcome to Day 2
Session 5: Criminals, Bankruptcy, and Cost of Debt

Morten Seitz, Copenhagen Business School (Presenter)
Maria Correia, London School of Economics (Discussant)
Jinhwan Kim, Stanford University (Moderator)

9:55–10:05am Break
Session 6 & 7: Disclosure, CSR, and Governance

Monitoring or Payroll Maximization? What Happens When Workers Enter the Boardroom?

Martin Thomsen, University of Münster (Presenter)

A New Take on Voice: The Influence of BlackRock’s “Dear CEO” Letters

Andrea Pawliczek, University of Missouri (Presenter)

Panel Discussion

John D. Kepler, Stanford University (Moderator)
Jennifer Chatman, UC Berkeley and Board of Directors of Simpson Manufacturing
Michelle Edkins, Managing Director, Blackrock Investment Stewardship
Kat Taylor, Impact Investor, Activist, and Philanthropist
Sheena VanLeuven, Vice President, PJT Camberview; investor-led advice to companies on ESG and shareholder relations

11:35–11:45am Break
Session 8: The Impact of Carbon Disclosure Mandates on Emissions and Financial Operating Performance

Sebastian Schwenen, Technical University of Munich (Presenter)
Naomi Soderstrom, University of Melbourne (Discussant)
Suzie Noh, Stanford University (Moderator)

12:30–12:40pm Poll (Best Paper and Best Discussant) & Current Statistics on RAST
12:40–1:30pm Coffee Reception and Announcements: Remo

This event is by invitation only.

Conference Organizers

RAST Managing Editor; Robert R. Dockson Professor of Business Administration & Professor of Accounting
The Marriner S. Eccles Professor of Accounting and Public and Private Management

RAST Editors

Jennifer Blouin, University of Pennsylvania

Peter Easton, University of Notre Dame

Paul Fischer, University of Pennsylvania

Russell Lundholm, University of British Columbia

Stephen Penman, Columbia University

Stefan Reichelstein, Stanford University

Scott Richardson, London Business School

Lakshmanan Shivakumar, London Business School

Richard Sloan, University of Southern California

Stanford GSB Accounting Faculty

Mary E. Barth

William H. Beaver

Anne Beyer

Jung Ho Choi

George Foster

Brandon Gipper

Ron Kasznik

John D. Kepler

Jinhwan Kim

David F. Larcker

Charles M. C. Lee

Rebecca Lester

Iván Marinovic

Maureen McNichols

Suzie Noh

Joseph D. Piotroski

Stefan J. Reichelstein

Kevin Smith

Mark A. Wolfson


Rosita Alvarado, RAST Journal Editorial Assistant


Event Sponsors

Cambridge Business Partners

Morgan Stanley