Anatomy of a Corporate Campaign Rainforest Action Network and Citigroup (C)

By David Baron, Erin Yurday
2004 | Case No. P42C
Ilyse Hogue, campaign manager for the Global Finance Campaign, said that RAN started gaining traction with Citigroup when the stars aligned in the summer of 2002—Citibank was vulnerable from the criticism resulting from the Enron and Grubman scandals, and RAN had reached its height of effectiveness (the activist base was educated and aware). RAN took advantage of the situation and increased the pressure in the Global Finance Campaign. By the spring of 2003, action at universities had increased, particularly at Columbia, and the campaign became personal as activists canvassed Citigroup CEO Sandy Weill’s hometown. Adding to Citigroup’s vulnerability, Weill was on the verge of retiring from the CEO position. RAN believed that the attention generated by its campaign could jeopardize Weill’s legacy and reputation.
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