Huntington University

By H. Grousbeck, Arar Han
2012 | Case No. E439
Huntington University was a distinguished not-for-profit academic institution in the United States whose endowment grew from $7 billion to nearly $20 billion over the course of a decade. The funds prompted a variety of development projects. New funds, new buildings, and new programs brought with them new people, and Huntington was in a period of growth and change on all fronts. As administrative headcount grew dramatically from 6,800 to over 10,000, Singletary launched a major initiative to develop the University’s most promising managers through effective instruction and feedback. Among the attendees were Rita Torres, Dieter Kopp, and Marilyn Malkin. They were excited to be among the select group of Singletary Management Program participants, and were eager to receive expert teaching and peer guidance on how they could improve as managers. This case is available for purchase from ECCH.
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